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JSU Hosts Its Third Annual Language Arts Olympiad

May 3, 2004 -- The Jacksonville State University Writing Project hosted 270 middle school students in grades 5-8 at Stone Center on Thursday, April 29, 2004, for itsannual Language Arts Olympiad.Students competed in areas such as literature, grammar, spelling, public speaking, and essay writing in both individual and team events.At the end of the dayís events, an awards ceremony in the Stone Center Theatre recognized first, second, and third place winners in each event by presenting these students Olympic style gold, silver, and bronze medals.In addition, the top five schools at each level (5-6 and 7-8) received overall trophies.The overall winner for grades 5-6 was Kitty Stone Elementary School School; for grades 7-8, the overall winner was Centre Middle School.

English Department faculty members assisted in making the competition successful by serving as judges, readers, and score keepers for the various competitions. Writing Project coordinators for the event were Gloria Horton, Mary Oliver, and Janet Smart.

Plans are already underway for next yearís competition.If you are teaching at this level and want to be sent information about the competition, contact Gloria Horton, Ext. 5409 to get your name on the mailing list.You may also e-mail her at

7-8 Grade Winners

7-8 Grade Winners

Poetry Interpretation

1st:††††††Jillian Miles ††††††††††††††Jacksonville High School

††††††† ††† Anna Welch†††††††††††††† Alexandria High School

2nd:††††† Rachel Altstatt†††††††††† Monrovia High School

††††††††††† Mary Beth Farley†††††† Hatton High School

3rd:††††Marc Vital††††††††††††††††† Jacksonville High School

††††††††††† Megan Roberts†††††††† Wellborn High School


1st:†††††† Beka Harris†††††††††††††† Monrovia High School

2nd:††††† Taylor Monroe†††††††††† Hatton High School

3rd:†††††† Shelby Truitt††††††††††††††Alexandria High School

Literary Clues

1st:††††† Judd Edwards

††††††††††† Cory Buffaloe

††††††††††† Joseph Rush††††††††††††† Oxford Middle School

2nd:††††† Michael Hang

††††††††††† Louis Walley

Justin Rushing†††††††††† Arab Jr. High School

3rd:†††††† Kendall Schnell

††††††††††† Drew Whisenant

††††††††††† Josh Benefield††††††††† Arab Jr. High School

††††††††††† Jonathan Chumley

††††††††††† Josh Oliver

††††††††††† Casey Ferris†††††††††††††Jacksonville High School

Public Speaking

1st:†††† Elizabeth Case††††††† Jacksonville High School

††††††††††† Laura McCarenty††††† Alexandria High School

2nd:††††† Megan Wilson†††††††††† Monrovia

††††††††††† Robert Cash††††††††††††† Centre Middle School

3rd:†††††† Laura Risse††††††††††††† Jacksonville High School

††††††††††† Jessica King††††††††††††† Wellborn High School

Home Run Heroes

1st: †††††Josh Oliver††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Chelsea Chandler†††† Jacksonville High School

2nd:†††† Jason Davis

††††††††††† Brad Dempsey††††††††† Oxford Middle School

3rd:†††††† Brendan Rice

††††††††††† Tyler Aveni†††††††††††††††† Donoho

Language Trivia

1st:††††Michael Hang

††††††††††† Lauren Ellenburg

††††††††††† Emily Couch††††††††††††† Arab Jr. High School

††††††††††† Sarah Wiedeman

††††††††††† Abby Thompson

††††††††††† Stephen King††††††††† Alexandria High School

2nd:††††† Kendahl Schnell

††††††††††† Drew Whisenant

††††††††††† Josh Benefield††††††††† Arab Jr. High School

3rd:†††††† Seth Walson

††††††††††† Angel Carter

††††††††††† Virginia Ann JordanCentre Middle School

††††††††††† Greg St. Clair

††††††††††† Chip Senkbeil

††††††††††† Laken Landen†††††††††† Donoho


1st:††††††Joseph Rush

††††††††††† Cory Buffaloe

††††††††††† Tyler Gable††††††††††††††† Oxford Middle School

††††††††††† Chip Senkbeil

††††††††††† Tyler Aveni

††††††††††† Laken Landen†††††††††† Donoho

2nd:††††† Brittany Hunt

††††††††††† Seth Walson

††††††††††† Virginia Ann JordanCentre Middle School

3rd:††††† Jennifer Owen

††††††††††† Elizabeth Faust

††††††††††† Laura Maxwell

††††††††††† (Brittney Davis?)†††††† Monrovia

††††††††††† Tara Dawn Blanchard

††††††††††† Kyle Acker

††††††††††† Meagan Hill††††††††††††††† Centre Middle School

Letís Play Bingo

1st:†††††† Robert Guice†††††††††††† Centre Middle School

2nd:†††††John Simmons††††††††† Jacksonville High School

Whatís in a Name

1st:††††Heather Walker ††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Kelsey Hill††††††††††††††††† Hokes Bluff †††††††††††

††††††††††† Drew Whisenant†††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††† Josh Benefield††††††††† Arab Jr. High School†††††††††††

††††††††††† Will Bailey†††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Angel Carter††††††††††††† Centre Middle School

Literary Jeopardy

1st:†††††† Seth Walson††††††††††††† Centre Middle School

2nd:††††† Megan Steenberg†††† Oxford Middle School

3rd:†††††† Shannon Kinney††††††† Jacksonville High School

At the Root of It All

1st:†††††† Brittany Hunt††††††††††††† Centre Middle School

2nd:††††† Emily Gray†††††††††††††††† Jacksonville High School

3rd:†††††† Casey Ferris††††††††††††† Jacksonville High School

Spelling Bee

1st:†††††† Jesse Jordan†††††††††††† Centre Middle School

2nd:††††† Chloe Malone††††††††††† Hatton High School

3rd:†††††† Keegan Stephens†††† Hokes Bluff

School Winners

1st Place†††††††† Centre Middle School

2nd Place††††††† Jacksonville High School

3rd Place†††††††† Alexandria High School

4th Place†††††††† Oxford Middle School

5th Place†††††††† Arab Junior High

5-6 Grade Winners

Public Speaking

1st†††††††Jarae White†††††††††††††† Kitty Stone Elementary

2nd†††††† Kameron Blair †††††††††† Cleburne County Elementary

3rd†††††††Jenna Mullins†††††††††††††† Hokes Bluff Middle School

Poetry Interpretation

1st†††††† Caitlyn Taylor †††††††††† Cleburne County Elementary

2nd†††††† DeVakius Gilbert ††††† Kitty Stone

3rd†††††† Emily Shelton †††††††††† Cleburne County


1st††††††† Amanda Cooper†††††† White Plains

2nd†††††† Hunter Amberson††††† Kitty Stone

3rd††††††† Emily Stephenson†††† Hokes Bluff

Spelling Bee

1st††††††† Marilyn Higdon††††††††† Hokes Bluff

2nd†††††† Tiffani Willingham††††† Hokes Bluff

3rd††††††† Rebecka Griffin†††††††† Kitty Stone


1st†††††††Savannah Jones †††††† Kitty Stone

††††††††††† Taylor Palmer

††††††††††† Yaasameen Al-Hamdani

2nd†††††† Marlena Woodard †††† White Plains

††††††††††† Nick Soth††††††

††††††††††† Brittany Creek

3rd†††††††Jenna Mullins†††††††††††††† Hokes Bluff Middle School

††††††††††† Anna Alexander

††††††††††† Marilyn Higdon

Language Trivia

1st††††††† Susan Chesnut††††††††† Centre Middle

††††††††††† Laci Roberts

††††††††††† Colin Perrey

2nd†††††† Mollie Lancaster††††††† Hokes Bluff A

††††††††††† Ashley Hicks

††††††††††† Logan Payne

3rd††††††† Savanna Lee†††††††††††† Hokes Bluff B

††††††††††† Lanae Kilgore

††††††††††† Andrea Griffith

Literary Clues

1st††††††† Leo Johnson††††††††††††† Kitty Stone

††††††††††† Caitlin Harris

††††††††††† Bradley Brittain

2nd†††††† Kameron Blair†††††††††† Cleburne County Elementary

††††††††††† Hunter Dryden

††††††††††† Josh Swanson

3rd††††††† Hillary Henderson††††† Kitty Stone

††††††††††† Matthew Gunter

††††††††††† Rebeka Griffin††††††††††††††††††††††

At the Root of It All

1st††††††† Katie Beecham†††††††† White Plains

2nd†††††† Mackenzie Cash†††††† Cleburne County

3rd††††††† Kaitlyn Stuart†††††††††††† White Plains

Home Run Heroes

1st††††††† Chelsey Wilkie††††††††† Centre Middle

††††††††††† MaryBeth Brannon

2nd†††††† Kameron Blair†††††††††† Cleburne County

††††††††††† Kaylyn Williams

3rd††††††† Joe Shaw†††††††††††††††††† Centre Middle

Caleb Hayes

Whatís In a Name?

1st †††††† Rebecka Griffin†††††††† Kitty Stone A

††††††††††† Caitlyn Harris

2nd†††††† Robby Leck†††††††††††††† Kitty Stone B

††††††††††† Leo Johnson

3rd††††††† Erin Faulkner†††††††††††† Hokes Bluff

††††††††††† Jessie Kelly

School Winners

1st††††††† Kitty Stone Elementary

2nd†††††† Hokes Bluff Middle

3rd††††††† Cleburne County Elementary

4th††††††† White Plains

5th††††††† Centre Middle School

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