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New Student Identification Card More Secure

New Student Identification Card

By Sherry Kughn
JSU News Bureau

April 24, 2004 -- Identity theft has not been a major problem yet at Jacksonville State University, and school officials are getting even more proactive in their efforts to prevent it.

Students and employees are getting a new identification card that's more secure.  The cards are available now at the ID office adjacent to the food court on the second floor of Theron Montgomery Building. Students must turn in their old ID cards and expect to be photographed. The first cards are free.

Faculty and other employee cards will be available next spring.


JSU formerly used social security numbers for the IDs, which students and employees use at terminals in the library, cafeteria, food court, recreation center and elsewhere. The new ID numbers are randomly generated.


Gone, also, is the card's photo of Bibb Graves Hall, which some considered a little too busy, artistically. The new artwork is a pale gray image of the gamecock logo covered with swooshes of bright red and paler gray. The new design was created by Joe Whitmore of the Office of Institutional Analysis; Mary Smith, the Coordinator of Publications; and Emily Williams, president of the Student Government Association.


The student or employee photo on the cards will be different.  "The new photographs will be larger," said Don Killingsworth, chair of the New Student Identification Committee. "They will be easier to match with a person."


Killingsworth said the Committee, which consists of faculty and staff from across campus, began working on the new card last summer. It has taken a year to implement all the changes.


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