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House Approves $2 Million for JSU's Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center

JSU's Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center

April 7, 2004 --
Jacksonville State University's Little River Canyon Field School is a step closer to gaining funding for its Talladega Mountains Natural Resource Center at the National Preserve.

Cong. Mike Roger's office announced that $2 million has been approved by the House of Representatives. The measure needs approval in the U. S. Senate.

JSU's Pete Conroy said yesterday, "This is an exciting and major step getting the center built. I was with JSU colleagues at the Little River Canyon National Preserve when I heard about Congressman Roger's appropriation, and we couldn't help but think about the positive image and economic development that will stem from this project. By building this Natural Resource Center, we'll have the best chance ever to tell our story and promote our region's most beautiful places from, like we say, the deepest canyon to the highest mountains. We really appreciate the Congressman's hard work in having this project included in the House version of the transportation appropriations bill. No ground breaking plans just yet. As you know, this appropriation still need's US Senate and final approval. In the meanwhile, we're thrilled to be this far along!"

The TMNRC is proposed as a facility for a variety of partners all focused on natural resource protection, management, and education. It is proposed to be located near I-20, on US Forest Service land, and will serve as a gateway to the region's forests, parks and trails.

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