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Tigger Gets Sworn In

Cpl. Scott Hodge with UPD's latest officer, Tigger. (Chanticleer Photo)

By Sherry Kughn

JSU News Bureau

April 6, 2004 --
Tigger, an energetic, blonde retriever strained against his leash on a recent Friday afternoon as he was sworn in as a "reserve member" of the Jacksonville Police Department and Jacksonville State University PD. During the ceremony he jumped up on nearby officers, wiggled, and nosed around.

Saying that Tigger has already made an impact on the department, Chief Terry Schneider swore in its only K-9 member. Tigger will work on a reserve basis, along with his owner, Cpl. Scott Hodge, who confirmed Tigger's oath.


"We're happy to have you," said Schneider. "Thank you and welcome." He added that the police officers considered Tigger an additional tool in their arsenal against drugs, explosives and crime. 


Tigger appeared to enjoy the attention of a crowd of cameras, reporters and bystanders as he was sworn in, paw printed and given a badge. The presentation took place Friday afternoon in front of Bibb Graves on the JSU campus.


Tigger was trained by the Auburn K-9 unit at Fort McClellan to work with police departments. He has been with the Jacksonville City Police Department for several months, and has been on the job at JSU as well.


Tigger got his name, Hodge explained, from the K-9 unit who adopted him for training. The dog's tendency to pounce reminded them of the character of Tigger in the Winnie-the-Pooh cartoons. Hodge provides a home for Tigger and maintains a diligent training effort to keep the dog's skills sharp and responsive.


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