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10 November 2008

Criminal Justice Department Head
Publishes New Textbook


A new textbook has been published/authored by Dr. Richard Kania, professor and department head of Criminal Justice at Jacksonville State University. The book, Managing Criminal Justice Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, has just been released by Anderson/Lexis/Nexis, a major publisher of books on law and criminal justice topics.
Intended for classroom use, the book is written with an audience of upper-level undergraduate criminal justice majors in mind, but also is suitable, when supplemented with original readings, for use in graduate criminal justice courses. It is focused on the responsibilities of a criminal justice manager, and has chapters on leading, organizing, deciding, evaluating, staffing, training, allocating and reporting functions, and concludes with a chapter on the role of the criminal justice manager as a change agent for improving the delivery of criminal justice services.

Dr. Kania also has prepared a companion Resource Guide with co-authors Dr. Richards P. Davis and Dr. Randal Wood, both senior faculty members of the Criminal Justice Department, containing supplemental materials for those instructors choosing to use the book in their classes. Anderson/Lexis/Nexis will circulate the Resource Guide to those who are considering adopting the book.

Shortly before coming to Jacksonville State University, Dr. Kania authored another book on The 1605 Waymouth Expedition to the Coast of Maine (Carolinas Press, 2005), an ethno-historical study which applied modern criminal justice investigatory methods to solving a four-hundred year old historical mystery. He also has been a co-editor of two collections of articles, Post-Communist Transformations: A New Generation of Perspectives [co-edited with David Dornisch and Pascoe Elvin, for IFiS Press, Warsaw, Poland, 1998] and Mass Media and Criminal Justice, The Justice Professional, Volume 8 1 [a special thematic issue, co edited with William F. Walsh, Summer 1993].

He was twice named to be a Senior Fulbright Scholar, and taught for a year in Poland (1997-98) and in Belarus (2004-2005) where he also did research.

Dr. Kania has published numerous articles in the scholarly and popular press, and his works have appeared in Poland, Romania, Belarus and Russia in English and in translation. His studies include police policy topics, including use of deadly force, criminal justice and the communications media, international criminal trafficking in human beings, and criminal justice ethics.



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