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30 September 2008

Join the JSU Wellness Walkers!




JSU Wellness Walkers is a program of the JSU Wellness Center. The purpose of the club is to involve JSU faculty, staff and students in a positive lifestyle initiative to promote the overall health and wellness of our campus through walking and healthy food choices.

The goals of the JSU Wellness Walkers are:  to improve the overall health and well-being of the entire JSU campus, to increase motivation and participation in a walking regimen by  providing opportunities to walk with other JSU faculty, staff and  students, to assist in tracking the progress of each walker and group  by providing printed materials and incentives, to reduce the occurrence of preventable chronic diseases, particularly those that  are associated with a lack of exercise and/or being overweight.


1- Create a team of no more than 10 people (can be less).
2- Choose a team leader.
3- Log your personal miles walked each week. ALL miles walked by an individual can be logged towards the team total. (i.e., Miles walked alone, with team, or with non team members).
4- Report your individual miles walked to your team leader each week.
5- Team leaders send weekly report to the Wellness Center.


The team and individual that logs the most miles walked will be rewarded and recognized at the National Employee Health and Fitness Day Walk.

The following days and times are weekly opportunities to walk with a group (even if it isn't your team) and get some hands on walking instruction:
Monday 12:15
Tuesday 4:40
Wednesday 4:40
Thursday 4:40
Friday 12:15

Join us at the track behind Pete Mathews Coliseum.* Showers, lockers and restroom facilities are available inside the Coliseum.
*In the case of rain, meet in the Coliseum lobby.

Please contact the JSU Wellness Center for more information at ext. 5114.






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