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22 September 2008
Salary Distribution Form Required



AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS DIVISION ************************************************************************

TO: Budget Managers

FROM: Controller's Office, Office of Human Resources

DATE: September 22, 2008

RE: Salary Distribution Form

Please review the attached Salary Distribution Form. This will be used to establish the accounting charge for salaries of employees paid partially or totally from grant accounts. Effective immediately, this form must be used to establish the accounting distribution for existing employees or to establish the accounting distribution for new employees paid from grants or contracts. The form may be completed after the employee has been approved for hire but has not yet begun employment or immediately after hire.

The "stop" date indicated on the Salary Distribution Form will be entered in to the employee's Banner information. Please note, at the stop date, the employee will no longer be paid and will cease participation in employee benefits. In order for the employee to continue to be paid, the Principal Investigator, Department Head, or other administrator must complete a new Salary Distribution Form for the employee and forward the completed/approved form to Human Resources prior to the "stop" date.

Please contact Human Resources or the Controller's Office if you have questions.

Thank you.

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