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17 February 2009


Class Schedules Go Green:
Summer, Fall 2009 Class Listings Will Be Available Exclusively Online

The JSU class schedules are going green, and saving a little green in the process.

As a means of cutting the amount of paper waste generated and saving money during this era of budget cuts, the JSU Registrar's Office announced last week that Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 Schedules will be offered exclusively online at

While saving money and trees seems reason enough to make the move to the web, there is a third advantage to having online schedules. Because it only takes a moment to update a website but is almost impossible to recall printed schedules once they're in circulation, students will have the bonus benefit of up-to-the-minute, accurate class information at their fingertips.


Internet Registration: (select Registration)

March 9- Graduate Students- 08:00
March 10- 112 + hours earned- 08:00
96 + hours earned- 13:00
March 11- 80 + hours earned- 08:00
64 + hours earned- 13:00
March 12- 48+ hours earned- 08:00
32+ hours earned- 13:00
March 13- 16+ hours earned- 08:00
Open Registration - All 13:00

Though every effort will be made to offer courses at times, locations, and with the faculty members listed in this schedule, we reserve the right to make any needed changes. If changes do occur in class locations, class times and/or instructor, it will be made available on the JSU website: and through the appropriate departments. Please check your schedule prior to the first day of classes and note any changes.

***Important Notice***
For information on www classes please see Distance Education Section.


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