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11 February 2009


JSUCC Mail Domain Will Be History

From JSU Academic Computing and Network Support

Some time ago, the domain part of the JSU e-mail address was changed from to As a result of this, '' became ''. Although this change was made some time ago, e-mail addressed to '' has still been accepted for delivery. This will be changing soon. Starting on March 23rd, 2009, the JSU e-mail system will no longer accept e-mail addressed to ''. Over the next few weeks, please take some time to notice in your e-mails that they are addressed to 'your user name''(i.e. If they are not, please take time to contact the person sending you the e-mail and let them know that your address is changing.

This action will drastically reduce the spam received and also ease the load on the anti-spam system as it will no longer have to process messages to users at A large portion of the spam processed now actually is addressed to this domain ( - in fact, the vast majority of messages delivered to this domain are spam.

Most users on campus already have their e-mail clients set up with the correct return address, i.e. Technicians will be visiting a a few users on campus at sometime over the next month to change e-mail client settings related to this. The majority of users are already set up correctly and will see no effects when the change occurs. The key to verifying the correctness of your settings is to look at the "To" field in received messages and verify it is addressed to 'your-user-name'

Also, if you have a web page that contains a link or listing of e-mail addresses, please make sure that you change the "" to"". In addition, check your e-mail address book(s) and change any reference to ''.

If you have questions regarding this please, contact the IT Helpdesk at or extension 8324.



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