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23 January 2009

JSU President Dr. William A. Meehan Named to NCAA Board of Directors

From JSU Sports Information
Posted 1/22/2009 4:27:51 PM

JACKSONVILLE – Jacksonville State University President Dr. William A. Meehan has been named to the Division I Board of Directors of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as the representative of the Ohio Valley Conference.

“I’m honored to represent the Ohio Valley Conference and the values our conference represents,” Dr. Meehan said. “College Athletics are an important part of universities and I am excited to be entrusted with this important responsibility to work with other conference representatives in providing governance for the NCAA.

“It’s also a tribute to Jacksonville State University, and I’m honored to serve my school and the goals of intercollegiate athletics in this role,” added Dr. Meehan, whose four-year term begins in August.

“I am extremely pleased the OVC Board of Presidents have selected President Meehan to represent our conference on the NCAA Board of Directors,” said Dr. Jon A. Steinbrecher, Ohio Valley Conference Commissioner. “Dr. Meehan is already a very active member of the NCAA Presidential Advisory Group. He has a very good understanding and appreciation for issues facing intercollegiate athletics as well as the issues relating specifically to Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) member institutions.”

The NCAA is a voluntary organization through which the nation's colleges and universities govern their athletics programs. It involves more than 1,250 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals.

The NCAA Board of Directors is the primary decision-making body in Division I, with the ultimate responsibility for the policy and direction of the division and for adopting any changes to the operating bylaws and rules of Division I. The NCAA Board of Directors is comprised of 18 Division I CEO's, with each member serving a four-year term. Other duties of the board include establishing the budget, general policies and strategic plan for the NCAA.

“This is a great opportunity for Jacksonville State to represent the OVC members at the national level,” director of athletics Oval Jaynes said. “The Board will be facing some significant issues over the next few years that will have a significant impact on the NCAA membership and I know that Dr. Meehan will bring an informed view and opinion to the discussions.”

Dr. Meehan, who is in his tenth year as President of Jacksonville State, began his presidency at JSU on July 1, 1999.


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