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20 January 2009


Representatives of Taizhou University and Jacksonville State University gather for a group photo during the January 15 visit on the JSU campus. (Steve Latham/JSU Photo)

Taizhou University Delegation Visits JSU

Last year, JSU welcomed the president of Taizhou University, People's Republic of China, and his team to the JSU campus and began talks about possible collaborations, the result of which was a signed memorandum of understanding between the universities. In spring 2008, JSU representatives Dr. John Ketterer, Dr. Guillermo Francia and Ms. Lisa Williams went to Taizhou to deliver a proposal for a joint Computer Science degree and meet with the new Taizhou University president. On January 15, it was again JSU's turn to play host as Taizhou University representatives visited JSU to finalize plans for the joint degree and to discuss other possibilities for future collaborations.

Visiting JSU on January 15 from Taizhou University were: Jianli Gong, president; Anquan Shi, deputy director of international office; Weiguo Shao, dean of teaching affairs; Xiaoming Zhao, vice dean of mathematics and information engineering college; Neng Jin, vice dean of machinery electronics and architecture engineering college; Weiping Chen, vice dean of physics and electronic engineering college; and Lingqiu Jin, vice dean of art college.

The university presidents exchange gifts. (Steve Latham/JSU Photo)

Representatives from both universities meet in the Gold Room. (Steve Latham/JSU Photo)

JSU administrators and faculty meet with delegates from Taizhou University. (Steve Latham/JSU Photo)

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