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15 January 2009


Morring to Present Hazed & Confused
on January 28

In Hazed & Confused, Erle Morring provides a fresh approach to dealing with the age-old problem of hazing on college campuses. He believes tapping progressive, forward-thinking student leaders is the key to eradicating the problem of hazing. Change must first come from within and he believes students are the only ones who can make effective change a reality. His emotionally charged presentation challenges students to become that person -- the leader who can truly make a difference.

Morring doesn’t preach the same old risk management story or that of liability issues over and over again. It didn’t work on him as a student more than 15 years ago and he believes it only works with limited success today. Instead, he presents a powerful, personal story that gives students a real-life example as to why change is important. It’s an example of life or death.

Through active group participation that’s engaging and humorous, Morring recreates the first two years of his college fraternity experience. With disturbing frankness, he tells of the lineups, the visitations, the spotlight parties, the hotbox parties, the daily ritual, thinking about it, watching TV, the yelling and the cussing. All these hazing activities are important parts of his amazing story.

Death isn’t the end of Hazed & Confused. Students leave knowing that one person can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Morring shares his personal, student leadership story as IFC Treasurer and IFC President. He tells of his personal growth through nine hazing and three date rape investigations and the development of alcohol awareness seminars and a hazing hotline. Finally, he relates his internal conflict as the programs he implemented resulted in the investigation and sanction of his own fraternity for charges of hazing.

Morring will present Hazed & Confused on January 28 at 6 p.m. in Leone Cole Auditorium.


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