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12 January 2009


College and Graduate Students:
Earn Credit This Summer at the Sea Lab!

Enroll Now for Summer Classes at Dauphin Island

Located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) offers a wide variety of intensive marine science courses taught by experienced educators/scientists. Established in 1971 by the state legislature, the DISL is a consortium of 21 four-year Alabama colleges and universities and is considered the marine science campus for these institutions of higher learning.

Three sessions are available (courses are subject to change):

May Session - May 18 - May 29
. Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles
. Dolphins and Whales
. Shark and Ray Biology
. Vascular Flora of DI and Coastal Alabama

First Session - June 1 - July 3
. Introduction to Oceanography
. Marine Biology
. Marine Ecology
. Marine Invertebrate Zoology
. Marsh Ecology
. Coastal Birds of Alabama
. Coastal Geomorphology
. Marine Technical Methods

Second Session - July 6 - August 7
. Marine Biology
. Marine Botany
. Marine Geology
. Marine Vertebrate Zoology
. Coastal Zone Management
. Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast
. Marine Aquaculture
. Introduction To Neurobiology [July 28 - Aug. 14]

For more detailed information on the DISL Summer College/Graduate Program and how to enroll, visit and click on "Summer College Program," or call Ms. Sally Brennan at (251) 861-2256 or email

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