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JSU Strategic Planning

JSU is currently implementing the 2011-2016 University Strategic Plan and the 2011-2016 Strategic Change Management Plan. This plan is rooted in a conceptual framework that is learning centered and based on three theories and models. Peter Senge's seminal work, The Fifth Discipline (1991) describes the learning organization based on five principles: systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building share vision and team learning.

Boyer's Model of Scholarship identifies four elements of scholarship that replace a more restrictive model of teaching, research and service. Boyer's Model of Scholarship identifies discovery, integration, application, and teaching as four dynamic forms of faculty activity.

A third model is O'Banion's work on the learning-centered college. Originally developed for the community college, O'Banion's work focuses on placing learning first in all policies and practices in higher education. His work also acknowledges that this means an overhaul of higher education. In the article, A focus on learning: A core mission of higher education (2010), O'Banion and Wilson identify six key principles in a learning-centered campus: change in learners, engaged learners, options for learning, collaborative learning, teaching defined by learner's needs, and assessment and documentation of learning.


Components of the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is comprised of many components that work together to define the direction of the University. The Strategic Planning Committee will draft these components based on feedback provided by Red Balloon Discussion Groups across campus, made up of faculty, staff, students and alumni. The draft components will then be shared with the JSU community for feedback, and used to revise and fine tune the components. Finally, the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Trustees for approval.


Current Strategic Planning Committee Members (2012)

Dr. William A. Meehan, President, Chair
Dr. Alicia Simmons, Executive Director, Planning and Research Co-Chair
Mrs. Allyson Barker, Acting Vice President, Administrative & Business Affairs
Dr. Louise Clark, Associate Dean, School of Business & Industry
Dr. Joe Delap, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Charles Lewis, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Dr. Bill Fielding, Dean, School of Business & Industry
Mr. Tim Garner, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
Dr. John Hammett, Dean, School of Education
Mr. Kevin Hoult, Director, University Housing & Residence Life
Mr. Vinson Houston, Vice President, Information Technology
Mr. Warren Koegel, Director of Athletics
Dr. Tim King, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Dr. Dan Krejci, Director of Master of Public Administration Program 
Ms. Jodi Poe, Head of Technical Services, Houston Cole Library
Dr. Christie Shelton, Dean, School of Health Professions & Wellness
Dr. Rebecca Turner, Provost & Vice President, Academic & Student Affairs
Dr. Earl Wade, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Ms. Lisa Williams, Associate Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Mr. Tony Bennett, Director, Internal Audit and External Funds Compliance
Dr. Donnie Ford, Department Head, Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences
Mr. Andy Green, Director, Enrollment Management
Dr. Tommy Turner, Department Head, Educational Resources
Ms. Becca Turner, Director, Career Services


Strategic Planning Timeline

October 6, 2010 Meeting: President's Charge to Committee
October 12, 2010 Discussion Group Leader Training
November 17, 2010 Meeting: SWOT Analysis
December 10, 2010 Discussion Group Findings Submitted
January 26, 2011 Meeting: Learning Centered Values and SWOT Analysis
February 23, 2011 Meeting: Vision Statement
March 23, 2011 Meeting: Mission Statement, Change Readiness & Competitive Advantage
March - April 2011 Survey to JSU Community on Values, Mission and Vision
April 20, 2011 Meeting: Measurable Strategies
May 18, 2011 Meeting: Measurable Strategies
June 22, 2011 Meeting: Measurable Strategies (Draft Completed)
July 2011 Draft to Trustees Meeting
August - Sept 2011 Prioritizing the Strategies - Survey to JSU Community
October 2011 Final Approval by Trustees
November 2011 Strategic Plan Kick-Off/Communication Plan


Strategic Planning Committee Minutes

October 2010
November 2010
January 2011
February 2011
March 2011
April 2011
June 2011
July 2011
September 2011
October 2011
January 2012
March 2012
May 2012
October 2012
December 2012
March 2013

Previous Strategic Plans

2006 - 2011

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