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06 September 2006

GO! 2007 Announced


Gamecock Orientation GO! 2007 will be held during the month of June in 2007 instead of July. This marks the first time in recent years that Orientation activities will be held in June. The earlier orientation will give new students more time to prepare for the fall semester after they attend orientation.


The dates are as follows:


-- June 7 Transfer

-- June 11-12 Session A

-- June 14-15 Session B

-- June 18-19 Session C

-- June 21-22 Session D

-- June 25-26 Session E

-- June 28-29 Session F


Plans are underway for GO! Team selection. If you are interested in being a GO! Leader or GO! Advisor, then please contact Terry Casey at or ext 5492 for details.


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