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International Business Student
Audits Classes at JSU

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

Dana Strube is a 22-year-old business student from Berlin, Germany. But for one month, she will be an international business student at Jacksonville State University.

Dana's interests lie in business consulting for the public sector. Her major includes public management and business and public administration.

One of her friends had visited the United States and graduated from JSU on a student exchange program. He, too, was a business student.

He also kept in touch with his host family, who now serve Dana in the same way.

"I have great host parents," says Dana. "They do everything they can to make my stay pleasant."

So for one month, Dana is auditing classes and she has observed some significant differences between classes back home and classes in the U.S.

"There is more homework here," she comments, "and a lot of tests."

In Germany, Dana says there is a lot of work involved in classes, but it is not turned in for a grade.

"Most classes just have a final exam and that is your grade."

And attendance is not necessary where Dana comes from. "If you learn better on your own, you're free to do so."

She's also noticed something else that is unique about JSU. "School and community spirit is conveyed by everyone," says Dana.

During her four-week stay she will also complete a research project to gain more experience about American business and the business world in general.

She is currently working with Dr. William Fielding, dean of the College of Commerce and Business and Administration. "Here, I gain experience in everything I do."


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