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Trivoli Returns to JSU

JACKSONVILLE -- August 28, 2001 -- Former JSU Eminent Scholar George W. Trivoli has returned to his position as professor of finance after a one-year leave of absence.

Trivoli served as visiting chair in finance in the Department of Mathematics and Business Administration at the University of Ulm, Germany during the winter semester of 2000 -2001. The University of Ulm was founded in the 1970’s in the birthplace of Albert Einstein. The University is the MIT of Germany, serving as the home of several research institutes in its science parks, including DamilerChrysler Research Centre, and a large medical school.

While there, Trivoli taught advanced corporate finance and offered a seminar based on his book, Personal Portfolio Management: Fundamentals and Strategies.

According to Trivoli, German students do not register for classes as in the U.S., but pay a nominal fee (100 DM, about $50) and take whatever they like. There is no way to require students to attend class; they can simply take the scheduled examinations. But Trivoli said, “Fortunately, my classroom remained full for the entire semester. Not only did students show up, their attendance record exceeded that of any class I have taught.”

Trivoli said he had ample time to tour central Europe, including Munich, Stuttgart (home of the Mercedes-Benz plant), Vienna, Budapest, Lucerne, and Venice.


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