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ApSADS Focuses on Treatment of Addictive Disorders

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- June 20, 2001 -- Every year, thousands of Americans are treated for alcohol and drug abuse. Jacksonville State University is hoping to start a tradition of helping those who care for these people.

Rickey Naugher, director of Counseling and Career Services at JSU, has combined the resources of JSU and surrounding organizations to train counselors and counselor educators. He has included state agencies from Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee that work with patients who suffer from substance abuse and family members of those individuals. It is called the Appalachian School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies (ApSADS).

Naugher, who has worked with substance abuse for the past 15 years, has been a consultant to the state of Alabama and has served on the Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Southeast School for Drug Studies. He has started a substance abuse support group at JSU for students who may suffer from an addiction.

“This kind of support group is important for anyone suffering from substance abuse,” says Naugher. These support groups, says Naugher, help the person deal with their problems they were avoiding by using alcohol and other drugs.

At these training sessions, which will be held July 10-13 on JSU’s campus, Naugher and other presenters will teach counselors how to effectively treat addictive disorders. There are also seminars for parents of teens who may have an addiction.

“There are 11 of the best programs ever put together in one setting,” says Naugher of the four-day event that he hopes becomes an annual tradition at the campus.

And while there are alternative treatments becoming available, such as rapid detox, Naugher says the old tried and true methods are still best.

“The most successful means is for the patient to go through detox, an out-patient program, and then find some means of support.” Support can be met through a church group or a group of peers who have overcome the same obstacles. But, again, Naugher emphasizes the importance of this support group in a person’s lasting health.

For more information about ApSADS or to register, visit their webpage at www.apsads.org.


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