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4 June 2008
JSU's Fulbright Scholars Recognized
at 2008 Faculty Awards Program

At the 2008 Faculty Awards Program on May 27, JSU recognized faculty members who have served as  Fulbright Scholars.   Former Fulbright Scholars on hand for the occasion, from left, are Dr. Nouredine Zettili, Dr. Guillermo Francia, Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, Dr. Claudia McDade, and Dr. Joe Delap.

Jacksonville State University faculty members who have served as Fulbright Scholars were recognized during the 2008 Faculty Awards Program held May 27, 2008.  Of the twelve professors holding this distinguished title and cited in this year's program, eleven are faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences with one from the College of Education and Professional Studies. 

Fulbright Scholars in the Arts and Sciences field include Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, Professor of Biology, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences; Dr. Adrian Aveni, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Social Work; Dr. Thomas Baucom, Professor of Geography, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences; Dr. Joe Delap, Professor of Foreign Languages and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Guillermo Francia, III, Professor of Computer Science, Department of Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences; Dr. Richard Kania, Professor and Head of Criminal Justice, Department of Criminal Justice; Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, Department of History and Foreign Languages; Dr. Claudia McDade, Professor of Psychology and Head of Learning Services, Department of Learning Skills; Dr. James Sewastynowicz, Professor of Anthropology, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences; Dr. David Steffy, Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences; and Dr. Nouredine Zettili, Professor of Physics, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences.  Dr. J. Gordon Nelson, Associate Professor of Education, Department of Educational Resources, served as Fulbright Scholar from the Education and Professional Studies field.

Of these twelve distinguished Fulbright Scholars supported by the University, five were present to receive the recognition including:

A report prepared by Dr. Alicia Simmons, Director, Institutional Research and Assessment at JSU, documents the significant role the University has played as a regional university in relation to the Fulbright Scholars Program over a 2-year study. This report is cited below in its entirety.

Fulbright Scholars 2006-2008


Over the last two academic years (2006-2007 and 2007-2008), Jacksonville State University is the only Alabama regional university to support Fulbright Scholars.  During that time, Auburn University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham supported an equal number of two Fulbright’s, while the University of South Alabama, Auburn-Montgomery, and Alabama A & M supported one scholar each.  The only other Alabama public institution to engage more Fulbright Scholars than Jacksonville State University is The University of Alabama, with five. 


In 2007-2008, Dr. Nouredine Zettili, Professor of Physical and Earth Sciences at Jacksonville State University participated as a Fulbright Scholar with the United Arab Emirates.  Dr. Guillermo Francia, Professor in the Department of Math and Computer Science taught in Malta in 2006-2007.  In addition, Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, participated in the program in 2001-2002.  He is a Professor in the Department of Biology.


Alabama Public Institutions Participating in Fulbright Program

ALABAMA Recipients

Academic Year

University of Alabama--Tuscaloosa


Csikai, Ellen Lorraine; Social Work; Hungary


Nuckolls, Charles William; Anthropology; New Zealand


Nuckolls, Janis B.; Linguistics; Ecuador


Redding, Kevin Edward; Biological Sciences; France


Oneal, Frances Hudson; Political Science; India


Jacksonville State University


Zettili, Nouredine; Physics and Astronomy; United Arab Emirates


Francia, Guillermo A.; Computer Science; Malta


Auburn University--Main Campus


Orgen, Ahmet Tarik; Architecture; Turkey


Sinha, Subhash Chandra; Engineering; Mauritius


University of Alabama--Birmingham


Haque, Akhlaque U.; Public Administration; Bangladesh


Heimburger, Douglas C.; Medical Sciences; Zambia


Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University


Dodo, Hortense W.; Biological Sciences; Cote d'Ivoire


Auburn University--Montgomery


Ritvo, Roger Alan; Business Administration; Azerbaijan


University of South Alabama


Dempsey, John Vaughn; Education; Malaysia



Source:  The Fulbright US Scholarship Directory,


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