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4 June 2008
Birmingham Radio Spot Addresses JSU's Role in the Reuse of McClellan

When a town loses one-third of its population over the course of a few months, that would seem to be nothing but bad news. But Anniston, Alabama, not only survived the blow. They're turning it into a multitude of unusual opportunities. Such is the scenario encountered by the community upon the closing of the former Ft. McClellan.  Reporter Karyn Zweifel takes us there.

The following WBHM radio spot highlights JSU's role in the reuse of McClellan.  Pete Conroy, Director of JSU's EPIC and currently serving as the JPA Director, presents his commentary on the progress being made at McClellan.

Click here and take a listen: McClellan Reborn

Having undergone an $8 million renovation in 2005, the L-shaped, yellow-and-brown McClellan Center, formerly called Building 3181 when associated with the former Ft. McClellan, now serves as a a facility for two institutes of higher learning - Jacksonville State University and Gadsden State Community College (GSCC). This higher education consortium was purchased from the Joint Powers Authority whereby GSCC joins JSU in a model education partnership. Gadsden State Community College signed a 99-year lease with JSU for half of the space, and they contributed half of the $8 million renovation cost.

JSU-McClellan is a mini campus complete with an auditorium, a bookstore, and a snack room with vending machines. Housed on the east wing is JSU: Housed on the south wing is GSCC. One feature both institutions are already enjoying is a 450-seat auditorium located on the tip of the south wing. It serves both educational entities and the entire McClellan community.

JSU uses the facility for long distance education and for housing several non-academic departments. The Institute for Emergency Preparedness housed in JSU McClellan teaches students throughout the world over the Internet. The non-academic departments include the In-service Education Center, the Department of Continuing Education, and the JSU Archeological Laboratory. One state agency, the Alabama Police Academy, leases space from JSU. Also the state leases space for a laboratory and office for the Alabama Department of Forensics Science.

GSCC's online Public Safety Telecommunications (PST) and Emergency Management Services (EMS) are taught exclusively at the McClellan Center. The telecommunications program trains 911 operators in more than 47 states and foreign countries with about 35 students currently enrolled. The EMS program trains paramedics and ambulance drivers.

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