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3 May 2006

Student Employment at JSU

Students interested in working on campus have opportunities for employment through Federal Work Study (Financial Aid), University Aid, Graduate Studies, and contracted services. The process for finding on-campus student employment is as follows.


Students must first determine if they are eligible for the Federal Work Study program by visiting the Financial Aid Office (Room 107 BGH). This is a federally subsidized program and eligibility is determined by financial need and other factors.  Federal Work Study allows the student to work on campus for a specified number of hours per week.


If it is determined that a student is eligible for the Federal Work Study program, he/she will then need to call or visit offices on campus to see if they have a need for a work study student.  The office hiring the student will work with the student to set hours that meet the needs of the office and the student. The student will be paid $5.15 hour and may work up to 15 hours per week.  The Federal Work Study student will receive no university benefits and employment is not guaranteed. The student will need to meet the expectations of the office in which he/she is employed and will need to remain in contact with the Financial Aid office to insure continuing eligibility for the Federal Work Study program.


The University Aid program is available for students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study employment. This program allows the student to obtain work experience on campus in offices, labs, the library and other areas.  This program is funded entirely by the university.  Working hours will be determined by the needs of the department.  The student will be paid $5.15 hour and may work up to 20 hours per week.  The University Aid student will receive no university benefits and employment is not guaranteed. The student will need to meet the expectations of the office in which he/she is employed.


Students in either program may find positions in areas of clerical, computer lab, scientific labs, grounds/building maintenance, or related areas.


In addition to these programs, other opportunities on campus are:

  • Campus Bookstore – The bookstore is a contracted service which employs students in cashiering, stocking and related positions. The salary and work hours are determined by bookstore administration. Payroll is processed by the campus bookstore vendor independent from JSU.
  • Campus Food Service – The campus dining is also a contracted service employing a number of students through the school year. Salaries and hours are set by the food service organization. Payroll is processed by the campus food service vendor independent from JSU.
  • Graduate Assistant – This type of employment is available only to students enrolled in Graduate School and employment is managed through the Graduate Office (Room 319 Bibb Graves Hall). Graduate assistants may work in office, computer labs and, in some instances, may assist a faculty member in teaching a course. Wages and working hours are set the Graduate office. Payroll is process by the JSU Payroll Office.

If employed by the university, the student will need to provide identification (usually driver’s license and social security card); complete tax withholding forms and have an on-campus mail box.  Checks (or payroll stubs if directly deposited into the student’s bank account) will be sent to student mail boxes.

Student Employment Procedure




How to post a student worker job?


The Office of Human Resources will post available Federal Work Study and University Aid student positions on the Employment Opportunities page on the HR website and the job bulletin board. Departments wishing to post a Federal Work Study or University Aid position should email either Amanda Maye at or Judy Harrison at in the Office of Human Resources. (Graduate Student Employment processing is done at the Office of Graduate Studies.)


The email should include specifics such as:

  • Federal Work Study, University Aid
  • Number of hours per week
  • Minimum GPA required (if any)
  • Work availability requirements (if specific times and days needed)
  • Particular skill sets needed
  • Number of positions needed
  • Contact person, offices address, and times available to apply (Add phone number and email if you wish to be contacted by students in that manner.)

Once the student worker contract is received in Office of Human Resources, the position posting will be removed from the HR web site and bulletin board listing.


How do I terminate a student employee?


The department should notify the Office of Human Resources in writing of voluntary and involuntary terminations and state the last day worked. Email notification is preferred as listed above. If a replacement is needed, the cycle starts again.



How does a student apply for Federal Work Study or University Aid?


Student will contact each department posting a job and express interest. There is no formal application required.


How does a student worker get on the payroll?


Once the student is selected, the hiring department will complete a student contract and send the student with contract in hand to the Office of Human Resources to complete employment forms. Official student employment files will be kept in the Office of Human Resources. (The first time that students work beginning with May, 2006, they will be required to fill out the forms mentioned below, even if they are a previous student employee.)


Once hired, the student will need to:

  • Bring their identification (usually a driver’s license and social security card) to complete I-9 requirements.
  • Complete federal and state income tax forms.
  • Complete direct deposit forms. To do this, the student will need to bring a voided check to complete a direct deposit form. If the student is setting up a new account, they will be given a form to have the bank certify the information and a voided check will not be necessary. 


How does a student set up an account for direct deposit?


Direct deposit is available to any U.S. financial institution accepting ACH deposits. (This includes the majority of financial institutions.) If you do not currently have a checking account and would like to set up one, you may do so at the institution of your choice.


Benefits at AmSouth Bank


  • AmSouth Bank offers a “Positively Free Account” for students (regardless of age). This account may be accessed by check, debit card, or cash withdrawal from the bank. A minimal balance must be maintained to keep the account open for the next direct deposit.
  • To set up a “Positively Free Account” go to the local branch and take the following:
    • A state of federal picture identification card,
    • A military identification card, or
    • A Passport, plus
    • Your JSU student identification card.
  • Your JSU student identification card may be coded at AmSouth bank to be an ATM card on your AmSouth account. See your AmSouth customer service representative to do this.

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