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20 April 2006

National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) Continues on Campus through June

One hundred one JSU freshmen and seniors became winners Monday simply by taking a 15-minute survey. This spring the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in conjunction with the Student Government Association began heavily promoting JSUís participation in the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE).

Freshmen and seniors here, along with their peers at 560 other colleges and universities across the country, began answering the questions that matter most to student learning and institutional effectiveness, such as the level of reading and writing that is required to succeed in college, how often college students interact with students from other cultures and backgrounds, and how effective academic advisement is in their college experience.

As a result of their minimal time investment, 100 of the students won an embroidered JSU backpack, and one participant won an iPod Nano, which was provided through the JSU Foundation. Freshmen and seniors who were selected to participate have one more chance to win an IPOD.

Check your GEM account and complete the NSSE survey before May 31, 2006. A second IPOD drawing will take place on June 6, 2006.

Charles Brown, a senior, won the iPod. Others winners of the JSU backpacks were:
  • Brian Degaetano
  • Eric Moses
  • Keith Young
  • Mary Cline
  • Bethany Waters
  • Joanie Thomas
  • Tiffany Kurpiel
  • Kevin Keeble
  • Justin Ross
  • Lisa Hutchens
  • Kristy Milam
  • Michael Kleinmeyer
  • Steven Holmes
  • Marcedric Dearman
  • K Cobb
  • Elizabeth Cantrell
  • Roxanne Bressett
  • Ashley Bradford
  • Rhonda Ford
  • Sabrina Ussery
  • Randy Boyer
  • Ashley Tarquine
  • Dennis Rice
  • Jennifer Healy
  • Richard Driskell
  • Brandon Lambert
  • Charissa Higgins
  • Rebecca Grawe
  • Rebecca Tingle
  • Cynthia Waites
  • Gregory Epps
  • Lisa Bowers
  • Amber Smith
  • Keith Howell
  • Jessica Bearden
  • Avery Spriggs
  • Rachel Runyan
  • Rochelle Dalton
  • Carneal Williams
  • Kimberly Williams
  • Shanelle Howell
  • William Thomas
  • Alvin Johnson
  • Alison Taylor
  • Jonathan Boaz
  • Nicholas Lehwald
  • Dianna Henry
  • Vivian Marcott
  • Amy Rohrer
  • Tera McIntee
  • Charles McCoy
  • Judith Capparelli
  • Takela Bradley
  • Christopher Savage
  • Emory Pruitt
  • Masaki Ishizaki
  • Kimberly Martin
  • Kalie Warren
  • Emily Farr
  • Phyllis Johnson
  • Chakita Maye
  • Adriana Borda
  • Harry Davis
  • Timeeka Mason
  • Lorie Humphries
  • Laurence Moore
  • Dustin Mayo
  • Saujanya Shakya
  • Renee Culler
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Lakeisha McCrae
  • Rafe Johnston
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Jamie Gerardo
  • Ana Cheatwood
  • Joseph McElrath
  • Kayla Shipman
  • Brittney Cunningham
  • Robin Gladd
  • Ashley Smith
  • Joni Green
  • Bryan Pigg
  • Tyler Medley
  • Christopher Tillman
  • Priya Bhavan
  • Jonathan Shaw
  • Matthew Klun
  • Michael McPhee
  • Kyle Cahoon
  • Kyonna Chambers
  • Katrina Thomas
  • Jared Allen
  • Douglas Christ
  • Tara Atkins
  • James Young
  • Stephen Prier
  • Carole Burchfield
  • George Zlobin
  • Jennilee Shaver
  • Sherina Watkins
Although it is a small survey, the National Survey for Student Engagement packs a big punch.

Like other institutions throughout the country, Jacksonville State University is interested in knowing how and where students spend their time, the nature and quality of their interactions with faculty members and peers, and what they have gained from their classes and other aspects of their college experience.

The National Survey for Student Engagement is the ideal means by which JSU can use studentsí feedback to improve teaching and learning and other aspects of campus life. The NSSE project is co-sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Pew Forum on Undergraduate Learning. It is administered by the Center for Survey Research at Indiana University and supported in part by a grant from Lumina Foundation for Education.

The survey will continue on campus through June, at which time a drawing will be held for a second iPod Nano. Freshmen and seniors who were randomly selected for participation in NSSE but who have not yet done so are strongly encouraged to act upon their invitations, which were delivered via GEM mail and regular campus mail.

For more information on the National Survey for Student Engagement, visit the website of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, or call OIRA, ext. 8144.

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