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19 January 2006

JSU Peer Educators Win National Recognition

For 30 years the Bacchus Network has devoted itself to promoting healthy and safe lifestyle decisions on college campuses throughout the world. This year Jacksonville State University's Peer Educators were honored with six other campuses for their outstanding impaired driving prevention program. JSU's Peer Educators' "Arrive Alive in 2005" program was published in Along These Lines: Impaired Driving Prevention Guide distributed by The Bacchus Network.

Jacksonville State University was recognized in 2005 as a model program for their Impaired Driving Prevention Program. Only 7 universities nationwide were recognized and their programs were listed in a news magazine and sent throughout the nation for use by other Bacchus Network Affiliates. The other six universities this year that were published in this magazine were the University of Tampa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Florida State University, the University of Virginia, Elon University, and Humboldt State University. Mr. Rickey Naugher, Director of Counseling & Career Services at JSU said, "This recognition is an outstanding achievement for the JSU Peer Educators. This shows these programs are model programs not only for our area but also for the entire United States." Mr. Naugher was also recognized as an Outstanding Advisor by the Bacchus Network in 2005. Mr. Naugher expressed his pride in the hard work of the JSU Peer Educators and their advisors who made the "Arrive Alive in 2005" program a reality.

JSU's Peer Educators' "Arrive Alive in 2005" program was a huge success with over 2200 students signing pledge cards not to drink and drive. The group continues to advance the goal of eliminating impaired driving through awareness and personal responsibility.

Jacksonville State University Peer Educators is the local chapter of an international organization known as The Bacchus Network. These students have taken the initiave to to offer leadership to their peers on certain issues. Their number one goal is to create a more positive, healthy campus environment. As an affiliate of the Bacchus Network, the JSU Peer Educators focus on events and activities that meet the specific needs of the JSU campus. They coordinate and publicize events for: National Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, and Safe Spring Break programs. The JSU Peer Educators are sponsored by JSU's Counseling & Career Services Department.

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