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Economics and Outlook
for the E-Commerce Market

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- May 15, 2001 -- With the recent fall of some Dot.com companies, some are wondering what the job market will be like for JSU's e-commerce majors.

"E-commerce is still the fastest growing job market," says Dr. Shawn Carter, assistant professor of economics at Jacksonville State University.

Carter says that poor planning was the major downfall of these companies. Customer service and customer satisfaction were also left by the wayside.

"It wasn't e-commerce that failed," comments Carter. "Many [dot.coms] just lost sight of basic economic principles."

And when these companies ceased to exist, others were learning from their mistakes. These companies, in turn, hired displaced e-commerce employees because these companies bought the software used by the companies that went under. Therefore, these e-commerce employees are well versed in the software and the field itself. So they were in no way left out in the cold.

"E-commerce is still in its infancy stage," says Carter. "In time it will grow and develop into a strong infrastructure."

Carter also believes that though e-commerce will have a strong hold on the market in the future, these companies will have first had an old- fashioned brick and mortar building. "Even with all this new technology, it goes back to the basics of customer service and basic economic planning," says Carter.

Dr. Carter is planning to teach a course at JSU about the economics of e-commerce. It will be one of the first of its kind. There are no textbooks, because this is one topic that has been left behind in the e-commerce market.


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