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Students Wait with Excitement
over Renovated Dining Hall

By Stephanie Pendergrass
Chanticleer News Editor

Jacksonville State University is becoming a site for renovation. So far, Houston Cole Library and McGee Hall have been on the top of the list for remodeling or construction. The next big project the University will see is the renovation of the Jack Hopper Dining Hall.

Known by many as "the caf," renovations to the dining hall began on April 3 and is expected to be completed by June 1 of this year. The project is being paid for by Sodexho Marriott Services and will cost $400,000.

The Jack Hopper Dining Hall is in need of construction, and Noah Rucker, manager of dining services at JSU, is excited about the transformation of the outdated cafeteria. "It's been 15 or so years since [the dining hall has] even been painted, [had] new carpet, or anything else and it's long overdue. [The cafeteria is] dated and worn out."

While Jack Hopper Dining Hall is undergoing construction, Leone Cole Auditorium is keeping hungry students fed. The auditorium has been made available for students during the months of April, May and June and the Marriott has relocated there until the project is complete.

The new Jack Hopper Dining Hall will offer greater selection to its customers. According to Rucker, "Fresh and on time will be the concept." Students will be able to watch their food being prepared. "A lot of food will be made in the students' presence."

While many new features are being added, Jack Hopper Dining Hall will keep most of its original services. "We're keeping the basic [aspects of the dining hall] plus the [new] concepts we're putting in."

When "the caf" reopens it will have many new aspects. The new features include a pizza station and a sandwich station as well as "a bar [where] we can toss salads or make sandwiches in your presence, a grill and what we call the 'Classics,' where we present the basic meat and potato [meal]. It's all going to be new and exciting," said Rucker.

While prices may go up a fraction, the new Jack Hopper Dining Hall will keep the same basic hours of service and hopefully the renovation will add more nutrition and selection to the students of Jacksonville State University.


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