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Siegelman Disputes Ruling

Jacksonville -- April 12, 2001 -- Gov. Don Siegelman is saying yesterday's Alabama Supreme Court ruling is unclear and that he believes he can continue to cut higher education by 11.8 percent based on the Attorney General's opinion that K-12 salaries are protected.


Meanwhile, the Higher Education Partnership interprets the ruling as a clear win for universities. Here is the latest HEP release:

Montgomery, AL, April 11, 2001-- Now that the Supreme Court has issued a Stay Order on Judge McCooey's most recent order in the Proration Lawsuit, the Higher Education Partnership is pleased that all of public education will be treated equally. This Stay Order reinforces our belief that the ultimate outcome of this proration debate will result in the faculty, staff and students in all levels of education being treated the same.

The decision by the Supreme Court is a big win for the universities because it supports the belief that all components of public education are essential


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