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Successful documentary causing stir on campaign trail


A new documentary entitled "2016: Obama's America" recently came out in theaters all over the country, and it is causing quite a scene. This film had grossed over $26 million as of Sept. 9, which brands it as one of the highest grossing documentaries ever.

It is a detailed documentary of President Obama's actions, ideologies, and past experiences, and how his leadership can affect America if he is reelected for a second term.

The movie is based off of ultra-conservative Dinesh D'Sousa's best-selling book titled The Roots of Obama's Rage. "2016: Obama's America" is produced by Gerald R. Molen, directed by John Sullivan, and is narrated by D'Sousa himself. The film reflects on the connection between President Obama's early life experiences and his ideology today, and also compares Obama's life to the author's own. Through interviews and several reenactments, D'Sousa reveals Obama's early life to the general public, focusing on President Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr., and how he molded his son's political perspective at an early age.

The move also closely illustrates D'Sousa's life as it reveals Obama's, inevitably conveying similarities between the two.

The film further takes a position that shows Obama wishes to lessen U.S. influences around the world while smaller nations whose strength was previously overpowered by the U.S. (and other strong nations) can gain worldly influence. The film states that if Obama is reelected, everyone will feel the consequences. The last sentence says, "The future is in your hands".

D'Sousa emphasizes that Obama's father's heritage has cuased him "to shrink America's footprint in the world because he thinks we've been stepping on the world." He goes on to assert that his upbringing has caused him to have "an ideology that sees America very differently."

With Election Day drawing near, this popular anti-Obama documentary has not been beneficial for the president. Obama's campaign lashed back at the film's content and stated that the film was "vainly dedicated to D'Sousa's own life story", and that D'Sousa's comparable upbringing to that of the president does not give D'Sousa a "special insight into the president's thinking". The statement goes on to say that "'2016: Obama's America' is nothing more than an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the president".

The Obama Administration's response also stated that many claims and facts presented in the documentary, such as mismanagement of loans, and the signing of a law to advocate corporate bailouts, are not true. They even went so far as to provide multiple forms of evidence to prove the falsehood of these claims.

Facts or no, as more people see "2016: Obama's America", the film's effect on the upcoming election could be substantial.

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