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Paul Ryan: Throwin' Grandma Under the Bus Since '08!


It's been a busy couple of weeks for Paul Ryan, the Republican representative for Wisconsin's first congressional district.

On August 11th, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected Ryan as his running mate in the upcoming election. Since accepting that role, Ryan has been on the campaign trail with Romney, visiting the five battleground states of North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Ohio in as many days.

At each stop on the trail, Romney and Ryan evoked an emotional response from their audience with what has become the bread and butter of the GOP-blaming President Obama on pretty much everything while promising jobs and economic growth if they take office.

Right-wing pundits were quick to declare Romney's selection of Ryan as running mate and presumptive Vice President a "game-changer", one that would turn the GOP's beleaguered hopes of putting a candidate in the White House around.

I'm not so sure.

If you know of Rep. Ryan at all, it's probably for his "tough" stance on Medicare reform. In 2008, he introduced a budget to Congress that sought to cut federal spending on the Medicare system, with the goal of eventually phasing it out completely. It wasn't adopted, so he reintroduced a new version of the same budget in 2009.

No one in Congress seemed to like that budget either, so he drafted a new one in 2010 that called for the privatization of Medicare. It still got rejected.

Ryan was not to be deterred, however. He proposed yet another budget plan this year, which has been accepted by the House of Representatives. He must've built the plan out of bricks instead of straw or sticks this time.

Needless to say, Ryan's position on Medicare isn't popular with a prospective slice of the Republican voting demographic-the baby-boomer generation.

To avoid alienating those boomers who want to keep the benefits they feel they're entitled to, Romney has been forced to distance himself from his running mate's many budget plans.

Recent attack ads aired by the Romney campaign in key states accuse President Obama of cutting federal funding to Medicare, which is a complete lie. If elected, Romney has promised not to do the same.

In fact, both Romney and Ryan have said that they would save Medicare by drastically increasing the amount of federal funding available to the program.

Wait a minute...Ryan-the guy who, for the past four years, wanted nothing more than to completely scrap Medicare-now decides he wants to pump money that our government doesn't have back into the same program?

Something isn't adding up here.

Why would Romney nominate Ryan as his running mate when it seems as if they have two differing opinions on how to fix the Medicare program and our country's budget? Why would Ryan accept, for that matter?

I think telling the truth would be a game-changer for Romney and his running mate at this point. Heck, even just sticking to previously-held political convictions would be a nice change of pace.

If only we could be so lucky.

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