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Legendary memories


A couple of weeks ago, CBS’ comedy How I Met Your Mother aired its series finale after nine seasons. My Facebook news feed was filled with people voicing their opinions on how the show ended. They loved it, they hated it, they were indifferent about it; but regardless of how viewers felt about the finale, the show was over. 

I imagine that the show’s writers must have written and rewritten the finale many times until they had a product they were ready for the world to see. After nine years of slap bets, Canadian pop stars, and reoccurring appearances of the cockamouse, they must have felt a lot of pressure to make the final episode one to remember. 

On a much smaller scale, I kind of feel the same way. I have written and rewritten this column in my head so many times over the course of the past week that when I sat down at my desk tonight to actually write it, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. 

My roommates and I used to say that life is like a sitcom; each semester is a new season, and each day is a new episode. If that’s the case, then this issue of The Chanticleer is my series finale.

To say that I’ve enjoyed my time at JSU would be a huge understatement. But it’s been the little moments with the friends I’ve made here that made the past three years better than any TV show I’ve ever seen. Whether it was belting “We Are Never Getting Back Together” with my roommates, hitting Brett in the face with a pie at J-Day, making a midnight McDonald’s run or just hanging out with my friends at the radio station, the everyday, seemingly mundane moments have been the greatest for me and will be what I remember when I look back on my college career. 

I do want to say a big thank you to all of the faculty and staff in the Communication Department here at JSU. Thank you to all of the teachers who decided to take a chance on me two years ago when I applied for the Editor-in-Chief position even though I wasn’t really qualified. This has been such a cool experience, and I have really learned so much. Thank you to Tammy Mize for jumping through hoops whenever I’ve asked her to help me with anything involving registration, transcripts, making copies and printing essays, or even reminding me to sign my payroll sheet. 

Thank you to everyone with maintenance and with TV services who speak to me every morning and always make me laugh. If I named names, I wouldn’t have room for anything else on this page, but you know who you are. 

I’ve just signed a lease for an apartment in Arlington, Virginia, and will head there to start the next phase of my life after I graduate in a couple of weeks, spending my summer working in Washington, D.C. I’m excited to see what the future holds and where I’ll go after that, but I will always cherish the memories that I’ve made here in Jacksonville. And you should, too; while you’re in college, it may seem like you will never get out. But when you fill out that application for your degree and purchase your cap and gown, it starts to feel real. That’s when you should slow down, look around you, and soak it all in. Then you should go out into the world and be the very best you can be at whatever it is you do. Life is always changing, but one thing is certain: even the small, ordinary moments in life can be legen-wait for it-dary. Legendary. 

Kara Coleman

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