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For Panik, it’s all about the music


Michael Panik has been intrigued with music for as long as he can remember.

The JSU student says that his uncle, Jeff Roper, was a big influence on him. Roper spent time on Broadway and was the one to introduce Panik to showtunes.

Panik’s mother claims he was singing before he could even talk.

Panik, 21, has spent time perfecting the craft of music.

While in high school he started a band, Mr. Blackwell’s Petty Thieves, with a few of his friends. They went around and performed at many different venues.

Panik loved the band but when they all went their separate ways for college the band had to break up for the time being.

Since Panik is no longer with the band he has been able to focus a lot more on his solo career.

Panik composes his own music and performs each of the vocal tracks on his songs. He has scored two short films and is currently working
on another film.

In the film he is working on now, Panik shows off his many different talents. Along with composing the film score, he is also a writer, assistant director, actor, producer, and audio mixer.

Panik is also in the middle of writing a musical for his fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. They will be performing the musical next spring.

Panik says that his style is influenced by sixties music. He loves how raw the music is from that era. “It is real people playing music together and that is what makes the difference,” he says. Panik tries to stick with that style with his own music.

Panik enjoys recording his own music videos as well. He will record the video of himself performing each part of the song and then edit each clip together.

This past fall Panik posted his first music video online. Within just a short amount of time the video reached two thousand views.

Panik’s goal is to start posting a new music video weekly.

This summer Panik will be moving to Nashville and playing any gig that he can get.

Panik says, “All of my plans are falling together perfectly and I have God to thank for that”.

Panik will just be living in Nashville for the summer and plans to return there next year after graduation.

“I would love for people to not know who I am but for people everywhere to know my music,” Panik says. “It’s not about fame. It’s about music.”

Panik’s Youtube channel is

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