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Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy prove identity theft actually is a laughing matter


The months of January and February can be quite dull for people who go to the movies. 

However, there can be a few good movies out there.  The question is, which of these movies is the “diamond in the rough”, and which are just more clutter? As college students, most of us don’t have the income to find out.  So, read me each week as I try to help you avoid the clutter and behold the diamond.

This week I will review the film, “Identity Thief.” This movie stars Melissa McCarthy as a woman who steals identities for a living, and Jason Bateman as Sandy Paterson, the latest victim of the thief.  Since he has a nice job in the banking world, his newly bad credit threatens his job security. The only way he can restore his good name is to track down this thief and bring her from Florida to Colorado.

The film was funny. It had me laughing most of the time I was watching it. Also, the acting was  strong. I loved the cast that was chosen for each of the roles in the movie.

On the other hand, there was some things I didn’t like.

As a person who loves a great storyline, I felt that the storyline was lacking.  In a way, it kind of felt like the movie “Due Date” which came out a few years ago.  Two people traveling across the country, one of them straight laced, the other kind of out there.  I will not give spoilers, but I will say that I felt the ending was rushed, and it through off the rhythm of the story.

In conclusion, if you are a huge fan of comedies, then I recommend you should go watch this movie.  If you like comedy, but enjoy a great plot more, then just wait for “Identity Thief” to come out on Redbox.  Also, remember, this movie is Rated R.  And trust me, it has earned it’s rating.  Young children should not see this movie.  Overall, I give this movie 3 out of 5 Stars.  Be sure to pick up next week’s issue, where I will give you a review of the movie “Safe Haven.” Also, for more movie and show reviews, plus the latest Hollywood News, tune into Mum’s the Word every Tuesday Night at 7 PM on WLJS 91.9 FM.

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