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Just dance with Alpha Omicron Omega


Alpha Omicron Omega is a co-ed professional education fraternity that was founded at Jacksonville State University over the summer. This fraternity was founded by JSU student Reginald Swanson, and there are currently pledges completing the new member process in the hopes of becoming a brother of the fraternity. As a part of this process, the potential members have to raise a set amount of funds as a collective group. In order to do so, the current pledge class decided to showcase the talents of one of their own.

Tyler Schultz was the man for the job. He has taken ballroom dancing lessons himself for over the past seven years. He has also taught ballroom dancing lessons for four years. Schultz is also the president of the pledge class that is currently seeking membership.

“I thought it was an awesome idea when it was brought up, even if it was something I just sort of came up with. No other organization on campus has done anything similar that I know of, and it seems like it’s worked for us,” said Schultz about what he thought when the group first had the idea.

The event was held at the Wesley Foundation on November 6, 2012. It was separated into three different sessions, with a $1 admission price for each session. During the first session, students were taught three smooth dances. These are the waltz, the tango and the foxtrot. During the second session, students were taught three rhythm dances. These are the rumba, the chacha and swing. The third session was a relaxed hour where the guests could mingle, buy food and drinks, and even show off their new found dancing skills.

The group also sold $1 chances to win a private dancing lesson to be scheduled with Schultz at a later date. After much competition, Trent Ford took home the prize.

The event was an overall success. Not only did the group come closer to meeting their financial obligations, but they also hosted an event that appealed to those in attendance. Although some were skeptical at first, they left having learned much more than they came knowing. Some came as couples, perhaps even trying to learn for an upcoming wedding. Some singles came in the hopes of winning the attention of someone who shared similar interests as them. Regardless of their relationship status or reason for attending, everyone in attendance met and danced with new people, while also improving their dancing skills.

It went so well that Alpha Omicron Omega has hopes of hosting a similar event in the future.

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