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JSU senior elected to Anniston City Council


Many college students dream about making a difference in the world. David E. Reddick decided to make it happen.

Reddick, a senior at JSU, was recently elected to the Anniston City Council, Ward 2. Reddick had the highest number of votes after the Aug. 28 election, but only 46 percent of the vote. In order to win, a candidate must receive 50 percent plus one. So Reddick was on the ballot again for the Oct. 9 runoff election. This time, he possessed 65 percent of the vote.

It took an accident for the Anniston native to decide to run for office. “I got injured while I was in the Navy, but I didn’t get hurt in the war,” Reddick explained. “I actually had a motorcycle accident, a head-on collision with a Ford Bronco. The accident kind of made me think, ‘What am I doing with my life? What do I want to accomplish in my life?’ It kind of gave me a big global view of what I wanted to accomplish. They medically retired me from the military, and after that I got involved with civil activities.”

Reddick began working in sales so that he could learn how to most effectively work with different personality types. Once he felt confident in the amount of training he received, he enrolled at Southwestern College in San Diego, California.

While at Southwestern, he became active with the African American Student Union, where he was instrumental in creating an internship/job network for all the AASU members in San Diego County.

When Reddick returned home for a visit, he noticed that many people in Anniston needed help. So he transferred to Jacksonville State University and moved back to his hometown. “I ran for office in ’08 the first time, and I lost by 30 votes.”

Reddick’s interest in politics began very early in his life. “As a kid, I remember my dad had a really good friend who was elected as an Anniston City Councilman, in the same seat that I just won,” he said. “I must have been eight years old when he took office...they filmed the city council meetings and showed them on TV. I remember watching him negotiate to get sidewalks put in our neighborhood.

So I started thinking, ‘Oh, a City Councilman can put sidewalks on the streets’. That was my earliest memory of politics.”

Reddick first entered JSU as a Communications major with concentration in Public Relations, and he was Political and Government Relations Advisor for the WLJS show “Late Night with Ed Moore III” for about a year.

Currently, Reddick plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s in General Studies before pursuing his Master’s.

Reddick said that he decided to get involved with local government so that he can help people. “If people know what they’re capable of, they’ll exceed their own expectations,” said Reddick.

Reddick is scheduled to begin his four-year term as Anniston City Councilman on Nov. 5.

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