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Calhoun County Community Band looking for musicians


The Calhoun County Community Band wants JSU students to join their group of musicians who perform around the county.

The band is a way for people in Calhoun County who are not involved with an official band to come together and play music.

It is open to all ages and meets only once a week on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Jacksonville High School.

The purpose of the band is to create an outlet for people in the county to play music with other musicians, according to Donnie Machen, the current president of the band.

“There’s so many that go to Jacksonville State,” said Machen. “A lot of those folks have played in the band in high school, but when they got to college, they didn’t want to be in The Southerners or they didn’t have time to do that.”

The Community Band began a year and a half ago, and has continued strong. The members have performed many concerts over this time, including a performance with a hundred-voice choir for a fireworks celebration last July.

The members of the band hope to create more of a name for themselves in order to gain new musicians who want to have a good time.

“We want the group to grow,” said Machen, “and I think that’s been one of our problems—being able to get the word out around the county that the band even exists.”

Their main hope at the current time is to spread the word to JSU students about this musical outlet for those who do not have time to join The Southerners.

“We would love to pull JSU students,” said Machen, “because I know a lot of them have formerly had band experience and, if they knew about it, would probably like the opportunity to play again.”

Pam Smith, a retired band director from Pleasant Valley High School, also expressed reasons why the band would be good for JSU students.

“I think being around some retired band directors, like myself and others, could give them great experience to help them as they further their career in music,” she said.

Smith also believed the band to be a good way of connecting with others.

“I think music is important within the community,” said Smith, “and I think seeing the friends and neighbors being able to make music as adults is good, and is a good example for the students, both in high school and college.”

The Calhoun County Community band presents a new way to become involved in the culture of the community and will be a good source of musical expression for college students.

“We would love, dearly love,” said Machen, “to get more JSU students to come and be involved with us.”

The band’s next performance will be on April 12 for ‘Spring on the Square’ in Jacksonville at 5 p.m.

The website for the band will soon be open and can be found at or on their Facebook page.

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