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Housing to host Brain Cell Trivia today


The University Housing and ResidenceLife Department is welcoming students back to the spring semester with a night of trivia.

Brain Cell Trivia game show is being held in the TMB auditorium. The trivia show will take place on Thursday, January 17th at 7 pm. All students are invited to come.

Brain Cell Trivia is a traditional “buzz in” type game show that uses cell phones as the buzzer. The game is phone based, meaning students will use their phones to compete and win prizes. People without phones, or whose phones are not working, will still be able to participate.

They may not be able to participate in some of the events, but students who do not have access to a cell phone will not be excluded.
There will be multiple types of trivia played including pop culture and news. To continue the cell phone theme, there will be phone based trivia.

Some phone based categories include basic cell phone trivia, “name that ringtone”, and “call screening.” There will also be surveys
that allow contestants to guess the rankings on questions such as “What age were you when you got your first cell phone?” or “What’s the most popular cell phone carrier in this room?” The audience will take instant polls to provide the answers to these questions.

Contestants will compete in audience challenges such as, “most accurate text message,” to win a place to play on the stage. These challenges will test the audience’s text messaging skills. Text to screen technology will allow filtered text messages to be displayed on a giant game play screen. The game will be played similar to a live television game show.

According to CJ Johnson, the executive producer of Game Shows To Go, the trivia night will have “all the bells and whistles of a TV style game show with lots of surprises, fun and funny situations and friendly competition.”

Not only will the trivia game show be a fun time, but there will also chances to win cash prizes. Three hundred dollars will be given away in small cash prizes for each game. There will be multiple opportunities to win. The prizes will vary and will be spread out throughout the night.

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