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BFA and BA students show off their work at Hammond Hall


As the Fall 2013 semester came to a close, nine students were featured in the biggest show of their careers in Jacksonville State University’s art department.

The students: Bryan Perez, Mark du Pont, Bettina Walker, Elise Carroll, Emma Landman, Shakia Morgan, J.W. Bowen, Audrey Pennington, and Kristin Drake, showcased their talents in the BFA & BA Senior Show in the Hammond Hall gallery.

Each of the graduating seniors had a project that let visitors to the gallery see their individualized skill set.

Mixed media artist J.W. Bowen created cityscapes mostly of found objects, including pawns from a foosball table and yarn. Bowen describes his style as “taking different forms, different functions, and adding them together.”

Bryan Perez also put different forms and functions together, but created something different entirely. The graphic design student used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design to make a piece inspired by advertisements for Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“The goal was to touch base with every program, and then make my work come out of all that together,” Perez says. He made reference to a series of Ray-Ban ads that show headshots of people wearing the sunglasses, and said that his favorite original piece was inspired partially by the campaign.

“I wanted to create my own wild, cool ad for it,” says Perez. “I came up with design after design after design until I felt that it was perfect.”

Like Perez, Elise Carroll is a Graphic Design major, but she took an entirely different approach with her project. Carroll created a brand image for her own mock line of cosmetics. “I’m a girly-girl, and I wanted to design a makeup line and practice with branding,” she says. “So I created logos and did labeling.”

Kristin Drake made a product of her own as well. She designed a nature-themed stationery and correspondence card set using a variety of media.

“I hand drew the birds and did a little watercoloring over them and scanned them into the computer,” Drake says about the designs on the cards. “Then I did some hand-lettering that’s kind of similar to my actual handwriting.”

Visitors to the gallery opening asked Drake if her product, which contained four thank you cards, four greeting cards, a notepad and a feather in a hand-painted box, was for sale. She said that because the interest was there, “I’m thinking of doing more for sure!”

Audrey Pennington has been using her project as her business since she was in high school. “I started my business when I was sixteen years old,” the Graphic Design major said. “It’s called Thinking Barefoot Photography.”

Pennington specializes in family and children’s portraits, and plans for her business to grow in the future so that she can employ other photographers and designers as well.

“Something I get to do every day is wake up and make someone smile,” Pennington says. “That’s just something I’ve always loved doing, and something that I’ve decided I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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