How do I Attend?

Students are admitted prior to the beginning of each semester. It is strongly recommended that you apply six to nine months prior to the expected date of enrollment. It is your responsibility to see that your high school or college transcript and ACT/SAT scores are submitted. Decisions regarding admissibility to the University will be made as soon as all necessary credentials are received in the Office of Admissions.

To view the requirements for admission to JSU, please choose which entry status is applicable for you from the options below. 

View our Admissions Policies.

View our Admissions Appeals Page.

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Which best describes you?

  • Freshman - Never attended college before or if you only attended college while you were in high school
  • Transfer - Attended a college or university in the United States other than JSU
  • Dual Enrollment - Dual Enrollment is a program for high school students only. Students completing dual enrollment classes receive both high school and college credit. The courses available are determined by a contract with the high school.
  • International - Attended high school/college outside the United States
  • Transient/Non-Degree Seeking - Attended college before or currently attending college and want to take courses at JSU

Have you attended JSU and earned credit in the past but have not attended the past 2 semesters? Update Your Student Status