Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment Mission
The mission of JSU's Dual Enrollment program is to create a community of learners within the high school who have decided that college coursework is an option for them.  These students actively participate in dual enrollment courses, navigate through the procedures of a JSU student, and take responsibility for their learning, making them well-equipped to enter any college or university and to be successful freshmen.

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J-STEAM Program

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Accessing Canvas and Paying for Classes

Enrolling as a Dual Enrollment Student

Applying for DE Scholarships

Dual Enrollment Information

A student is eligible to be a part of the Dual Enrollment program if he or she meets the following requirements:

JSU's Dual Enrollment Program is housed within the Office of Admissions. Amie Knight is our Assistant Director, Dual Enrollment and Hanna Smith is our Dual Enrollment Counselor. Both Amie and Hanna can be contacted at the links below!



Accepted students can complete a competitive application for Dual Enrollment Scholarships. The scholarships pay the current tuition cost of one course, $486. Applications are required by the published deadlines.

Currently, Dual Enrollment students who are seeking admission as First-Time Freshmen to JSU will be required to submit a Readmission Application in order to apply for freshman status and select a major. The Readmission Application has no fee.

Dual Enrollment students who do not meet admission requirements but have successfully completed JSU Dual Enrollment coursework can be admitted due to their previous JSU coursework.

The Supporting our Students (SOS) Manual details important information for students to be successful in JSU's Dual Enrollment Program.

The Glossary of Terms defines key words used among dual enrollment students and faculty. It also provides common course descriptions. 

The mission of the J-STEAM program is to offer high-level science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) courses to high school students in JSU's service region. The J-STEAM program is sponsored by an Alabama Department of Education grant that allows student tuition and course related costs to be completely free! Learn more about J-STEAM.

Introduction to criminal justice (CJ) is the gateway course to a Bachelor of Science degree in either CJ or forensic investigation (FI). This course is the pre-requisite for all other core course requirements in both degree programs and is required for all freshman entering either degree program. By meeting this requirement through dual enrollment those seeking a degree in CJ will be able to be a semester ahead of the other first semester freshmen. For those seeking a degree in FI it will allow you to be able to take FI-204 introduction to FI first freshman semester. The FI-204 course is taught 100% online during the summer semester which also gives you an additional opportunity to finish the pre-requisite course prior to your first full semester at JSU. So, if you are looking to get a jumpstart on your degree, this dual enrollment opportunity is for you!

JSU offers tuition at a reduced rate, currently one-half, to dual enrollment students. Currently, there is no federal financial aid available for dual enrollment students, but prepaid programs (i.e. – PACT) may be used.

There is no financial aid possible for dual enrollment students, but PACT plans may be used. Please contact Office of Financial Aid if using those type of plans to pay for DE courses. Payment plans may also be set up through the Bursar’s Office prior to the payment deadline. Visit www.jsu.edu/bursar for more information on payment plans and deadlines.

JSU's Dual Enrollment program offers scholarship opportunities twice yearly for fall and spring semesters.

Students who have a parent who has worked full-time at JSU for one year are eligible for tuition assistance for dual enrollment classes. For more information, contact 256-782-5677.

Dual Enrollment students receive some of the same benefits as other JSU students.  They are able to have a student ID made on campus, utilize the services of the library including book checkout and copy machine services, attend tutoring sessions on campus, receive support from Disability Support Services, and use the writing lab.

Students should have AP, IB, and ACT scores sent as soon after the testing date as possible in order to aid in placement into the appropriate coursework. A detailed listing of AP and IB score equivalency may be found at JSU Academic Regulations.

Membership Requirements: 17 or older and active registration in dual enrollment classes. Memberships are purchased each semester at the student rate (currently $190). Membership dates are effective during the active dates of the semester as indicated on the academic calendar. Visitor passes are only available for ages 18+ at a $10/visit rate (age requirement due to waivers needing signed). 

Steps to enroll as a member of the RFC:

  1. Go in-person to the student accounts office (2nd Floor of Angle Hall) who will verify requirements are met and charge the facility fee.
  2. Once the facility fee is paid, take the receipt AND student ID card to the RFC. 
  3. The student will complete waiver and membership enrollment at RFC (students who are 17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to complete the waiver)


The JSU Dual Enrollment Student Representative Program is a leadership organization that allows students to assist JSU with various dual enrollment events, such as virtual visits, parent interest sessions, and other opportunities.

The counselors from each high school will recommend up to two students and we will select 20 students from that pool to be our dual enrollment student representatives.

Join the Dual Enrollment Parent Advisory Board to help us improve our program through monthly virtual meetings with our staff. All parents will receive a JSU t-shirt and sticker, as well as the opportunity to share their story during our parent information sessions online.

Apply to the Parent Advisory Board