Application Tips

Tips for Applying

  • Create your Admissions Account using your full, legal name. If your name is Robert Smith but you prefer to be called Bob, enter your first name as 'Robert' and enter your preferred name as 'Bob'. This will help match any information (transcripts, test scores, financial aid) already submitted to JSU under your name. Also, if your legal name does not include a generational suffix (Sr., Jr., etc.), then there is no need to enter one. But if you are Robert Smith III then please indicate this in the Suffix field.
  • Verify your information before you submit it. We all make mistakes so checking what you have entered can prevent a mishap. Use proper case when entering letters (i.e. - 'Robert' and not 'robert'). Also, be sure you do not use the space bar as a stress reliever. Having one too many spaces in your information could mean your name is now 'Robe rt' - and that would be incorrect.
  • If you are not applying, stop. Helping someone through the process is certainly okay and recommended. However, if you are not going to be the student sitting in class, studying for exams, and writing the papers then let the student apply. It will give them ownership of their application and they will know what has been entered. If this tip speaks to you then you are most likely a family member. (Do not worry, there is a family section of the application where your information can be entered.) Family information is not required for an application to be submitted. Also, if there is more than one student applying from the same household each student should have their own account. Likewise, the email address used to create the account should belong to the student who is applying and not another family member. We communicate to the student using the email address provided so if mom's email address is used to create the account, then the student will miss important communication. Should mom then want to apply to graduate school, then mom's email address is already associated with undergraduate student creating all sorts of chaos for the undergraduate student, mom, and JSU.
  • Choose the correct application type. If you have never attended college or attended while in high school, you are most likely a first-time freshman. If you have attended college, but not JSU, since high school you are most likely a first-time transfer student. If you are attending JSU while attending another college, you are most likely a transient student. If you are in high school and are seeking dual enrollment credit, visit Dual Enrollment before applying to ensure you are eligible. If you have attended college and graduated and are pursuing a Master's Level degree or certificate you are a graduate student and should apply as a graduate student.
  • Apply on time. While there is no application deadline for domestic students, we encourage you to apply at least 30 days prior to the start of the term you are applying for. (International Student deadlines are posted on the International Admissions page.) What this gives you is time to have all required documents submitted in order to register and be ready to start classes on the first day. Check the Academic Calendar for the official start dates of each term. Typically, you should apply by August 1 if you plan to start in the fall semester (August - December), December 1 if you plan to start in the spring semester (January - April), and April 1 if you plan to start in the summer semester (May - July). Your admissions decision is required to be awarded financial aid, to apply for housing, and much more.