Creative Options:

Start a Study Abroad Savings Account 

Open a separate account designated entirely for study abroad savings. This will make it easier to set money aside and not use it for other purposes. 


Reduce Personal Expenses  

Re-evaluate your spending habits such as eating out, getting coffee, weekend activities, and/or trips and cut back to reduce personal expenses. This extra money can be added to study abroad savings. 


Income from an on-campus or off-campus job 

Set aside a certain percentage of your income toward study abroad savings each month. 

JSU International students on F1/J1 visas may not work off-campus without prior approval from the Office of International House and Programs.  



Let your family members and friends know about your study abroad plans. Ask for a contribution to your study abroad saving instead of buying other gifts for your birthday, Christmas, and other holidays. 


Payment Plans 

If traveling on a study abroad trip with a third-party provider, ask for an option of payment plan so that you can distribute the program fees over several months rather than coming up with a large sum of money at once.