Travel Documents

Once you have made a decision about where to travel, what study abroad program to enroll in, finalized your budget plan and determined if you are eligible for admission, you must make your travel plans:
Passport: You must have a valid passport to travel. Completing an application to obtain a passport may take time and certain documents such as proof of citizenship, birth certificate, or photos of a specified size. Renewing, replacing, or updating your passport will also require some time, so you need to check the information on your passport to make sure everything is accurate.
It is advisable for your emergency contact in your family to obtain a valid passport so that he/she could travel abroad to attend or assist you in case of emergencies.
Visa: A visa is an official stamp, seal, or document affixed on your passport that permits you to enter the country you are travelling to. You must check the visa requirement for the country you are travelling to and make sure that you obtain the required visa stamp prior to your departure from the United States.
Book your flight and transportation: If you are making your own travel arrangements, make sure to check the departure city, arrival city, and preferred airline. You also need to look into transportation from the airport to the destination. Make sure to have a copy of the tickets to travel.
Select Housing: It is advisable to apply for housing and confirm the housing options before your departure from the United States. Make sure to have the housing confirmation with you.
Acceptance Letter: If you are participating in a direct student exchange program, make sure to keep a copy of the acceptance/admission letter issued by the host institution when you travel.