Health & Safety

Staying Healthy

This should be one of your top priorities so as to avoid an adverse effect on the amount you learn, how much fun you have, and what you take away from your experience. Staying healthy abroad is not difficult; you have to make smart choices. Find the balance between having a great time, enjoying the foods, seeing the sights, and staying healthy.

Tips on staying healthy

  • Make healthy food choices
  • Take the time to get exercise
  • Walk or bike as much as you can
  • Go out dancing
  • Join an intramural athletic team
  • Ask around for the best and safest running trails, parks or circuits
  • Watch your food portion control
  • Practice safe sex to protect yourself from STDs
  • Go easy on alcohol
  • Find out if water is safe to drink in the countries in which you will be drinking.


Safety may not be your biggest worry however; you must be aware of some inherent risks in travelling, studying, working, and living abroad and you have to be prepared for them. You must always think about personal safety and plan to avoid any risks and danger.  

Tips for staying safe

  • Take health and safety precautions before you leave the United States
  • Familiarize yourself with local laws and don’t break them
  • Practice smart safety always; don’t put yourself in dangerous situations
  • Get to know your new neighborhoods and locate necessities: banks, food stores, hospitals, post offices, laundry, Internet café
  • Stay Healthy
  • Use Common sense
  • Stay calm and make decisions carefully
  • Stay informed about local news
  • Guard against petty theft and pickpockets
  • If something unfortunate does happen, seek professional guidance and assistance

Source: A Student Guide to Study Abroad by: Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, Allan Goodman, Sir Cyril Taylor GBE