Program Leader Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities 

  • The program leader leading or assisting in a study abroad program is responsible for planning and implementing a study abroad program that is academically rigorous and provides students with opportunities to interact with the culture, and that is well organized, reasonably safe, and not prohibitively expensive.

  • The program leaders will be responsible for securing approval of the course by the department head, director, and/or dean and for providing information about the course, its prerequisites, its credits, and what requirements it fulfills for the department and school to provide information for advising and registration.

  • The program leaders will be responsible for recruiting student participants and for creating and implementing participation requirements that allow for equal access to the program by all students (i.e., requirements that do not rule out participation by students of any race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.) while maintaining high academic standards and behavioral expectations.

  • The program leaders will always strive to collaborate with all entities involved in the study abroad program such as International House and Programs, Financial Aid, Registrar, Students Account Office, Third party provider etc. with utmost professionalism.

  • The program leaders are required to be on call and available to assist the student participants during the entire duration of the program and must make themselves available via methods (e.g., messenger apps, etc.) that are made clear to the students in advance and are readily available at the program site and the surrounding area. In addition, there must be an emergency contact person available both at JSU and at the program site.

  • The program leaders are responsible for ensuring all program participants understand how and can contact all emergency contacts.

  • The program leaders must read and abide by JSU’s study abroad policies, faculty handbook, and staff handbook.

  • The program leaders must complete all required JSU forms on time.

  • The program leaders participating in study abroad programs must provide proof of travel/health insurance.

  • The program leaders will be asked to encourage their students to complete the study abroad program survey after their return.

  •  The program leaders are encouraged to present to the JSU campus community after returning from the program and share their experiences to encourage other faculty members and students to participate in the study abroad program.

*This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities.