Testing Services Proctored Examinations

Proctoring Services

Testing Services provides proctoring for other universities, colleges, and entities that utilize distance learning. Students enrolled in distant learning programs at JSU are not eligible for CS proctoring services. For those living in the Jacksonville, Alabama area, instructors will make arrangements for a testing site on the campus of Jacksonville State University. Instructors located near JSU are expected to administer exams to local JSU students. If not stated in the course syllabus, he/she will contact you via e-mail stating the location where these examinations will be given. If you do not live in the Jacksonville area, you must identify someone in your local region that is willing to serve as your testing agent or proctor.

Pre-Approved Proctors for Students Outside the Jacksonville Area 

When a JSU student is needing a proctor for an exam, outside of our area, we ask that, after they have found a proctor, they email us the following information:

The name of the facility
The name of the person proctoring
The name of the student being proctored and the name of the exam. 

If a student needs a proctor at JSU, please have your school contact:
Testing Services - Room B22, Ground floor of the Houston Cole Library

Contact Information:

testingservices@jsu.edu ; (256) 782 8378.

For questions, information or to email an exam, please go to testingservices@jsu.edu.

Proctor Availability

Testing lab hours are Monday-Thursday,

8:30 am-11:00am & 1:00pm-2:30pm 

Office number is (256) 782 8378.
Exams are by appointment only and must be completed by the testing labs 4:30pm closing time.


Many organizations will want to verify the credentials of our testing staff. We encourage you to find out all pertinent information from the testing organization (computer specifications, paper-pencil format requirements, etc.) so we will be able to ensure a conducive test environment.
Cost (per three-hour block)
Extra fees may apply for time in excess of three hours. Please contact us with any questions regarding fees.