Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

The MAT is currently unavailable as an on site option at JSU.

General Information
The Miller Analogies Test is an ability test that requires you to solve word analogy problems. You will have 60 minutes to respond to 120 analogy problems.

Several JSU graduate programs require the MAT as part of the admissions process. You should check with your graduate program to see what is required for admission.

An MAT Candidate Information Booklet is available online.  The test costs $90.00 (by computer) which is payable to Jacksonville State University.


  • Two forms of identification are required. One must be a government photo-ID (Driver's License or Military ID). The other must be your SSN.  If you do not have your SS Card, you can provide the number but a second photo ID must be presented.   

            You will not be admitted without proper identification.

  • No personal belongings including cell phones, pagers, or alarm devices are allowed on your person during testing. If one of these devices is discovered during testing, you will be dismissed.
  • Special accommodations must have proper documentation and be approved by Disability Resources. Documentation must be provided two weeks prior to the proposed testing date.

           Please contact Disability Resources at 256-782-8380 with any questions regarding special accommodations.

If you have any questions, contact Testing Services at (256) 782-8378.

Computer Testing

Scheduling Availability







B22, Ground Floor of the Houston Cole Library

If there is no wait, examinee should plan for 1.5 hours for testing.