JSU is currently unable to administer this exam.

EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards

Brenda Schick, Ph.D., working with the EIPA Diagnostic Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital, has developed the EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards. This comprehensive multiple-choice test evaluates the interpreter's understanding of information that is critical to performing with students in an educational setting. The test consists of 177 questions and takes approximately one and a half to three hours to complete. This computer-based test is administered through the Internet.

Proctoring (Currently Unavailable at This Time)

JSU serves as a proctoring site for the written test only. Testing services is located in the basement of the Houston Cole Library in room B22. You will need a temporary parking decal to park on campus. A permit can be obtained from UPD located in Salls Hall. Make sure you have your ID, insurance information and vehicle registration information.  Registration for taking the EIPA is completed online. An additional $30.00 proctoring fee is due to JSU the day of your examination. For questions regarding location of testing and administration, please call 256-782-8378 or email testingservices@jsu.edu. Questions about certification, study materials, etc., should be addressed to:

EIPA Diagnostic Center
Boys Town National Research Hospital
555 N 30 St.
Omaha, NE 68131
Phone: (402) 452-5042
FAX: (402) 452-5028