Peer Mentor Program

Learn About the Program

This program is designed to help increase the overall retention for both the first-and-second year students involved as well increase the effectiveness of STU 101 

Peer Mentors will have the opportunity to learn, reflect, and grow while being mentored by faculty/staff instructors for STU 101 

Peer Mentors will help first year students transition to JSU by sharing their experiences and how to persevere as a student

  1. Peer Mentors will help establish a positive relationship with students and the faculty/staff instructor.
  2. Learn how to navigate JSU's physical campus and online portals to assist first year students.
  3. Define own personal leadership and communication skills to grow throughout the semester. 
  4. Learn how to use experience during the semester to translate to future career and how to articulate transferable skills on a resume. 
  5. Assist first year students so that they make a successful transition to JSU. 

  1. Peer Mentors will co-lead/lead at least two STU 101 classes during the semester and assist with all other classes. 
  2. Peer Mentors will attend one summer training session via online and one in person training session with their STU 101 instructor in August. 
  3. Peer Mentors will host one social event for their class during the semester. 


Serving as a STU 101 Peer Mentor will give you the opportunity to grow your leadership skills, communication skills, general JSU knowledge, and your confidence. This program will give you an opportunity to interact with a faculty/staff member at JSU and learn the importance of networking. The number one goal is help align second year students with an instructor to help positively impact the STU 101 experience.