Scavenger Hunt Registration and FAQ

What is the Scavenger Hunt? 

This year, Freshman Forum is organizing a campus wide Scavenger Hunt as a fundraiser. Teams of four will travel through campus while completing different tasks and games. Each team will be accompanied by a Freshman Forum member who will time their hunt. The team who completes the Scavenger Hunt in the least amount of time will win! 


When and where is it happening? 

April 10th! Each group will begin at the TMB Lawn and will select a time slot to start. 


How can I sign up? 

Click this link to go to our signup sheet!


How much does it cost? 

$5 per person, $20 per team. You can pay through the Paypal link below or in the First & Second Year Experience office in the Library Lobby with cash or check. Your time slot will not be secured until payment for your entire team is received. 


How many people can I have on a team? 

Each team will consist of four members. There can only be one current Freshman Forum member on a team. 


Can I buy a T-shirt? 

Yes, our Scavenger Hunt T-shirt was designed by one of our Freshman Forum members! T-shirts will be $20 and can be purchased through the link below. If you would like to donate but are unable to attend, we encourage you to buy a T-shirt.  

Link coming soon!


Where are the proceeds going? 

The funds raised from this event will be used to begin our first ever Freshman Forum Scholarship fund.  


For updates, follow our Instagram @jsu_ff . Message us with any additional questions!