JSU Summer Bridge Program

Student's at a computer in the Student Success Center

Your Bridge to Success

The Summer Bridge Program is designed to provide a comprehensive program of orientation and academic support designed to ease the transition from high school to college. Students participate in a five-week session consisting of college classes, workshops, advisement and career development events, and activities. The program offers students the opportunity to experience college life before the fall semester while earning 6 credit hours. The students will live on campus and attend classes Monday through Friday.

Success Coaching

A benefit of the JSU Summer Bridge Program is the assignment of a success coach who will also serve as the students first year advisor. The success coach will meet with the student three times per semester during their time at JSU to offer academic coaching and assist the student with necessary resources.

Summer Courses - 6 Credit Hours of 100 Level Courses

This course provides individualized development of reading and thinking skills.

This course is an individualized freshman seminar providing supportive guidance in study skills, problem-solving, decision-making, and college adjustment

The learning environment in the laboratory will be individualized and mastery based for additional instruction in the areas of mathematics, writing, reading, skill building, leadership, and first-year success. The objectives of this lab are tied to the two courses offered in the Fast Start Academy, LS 103 Reinforcing Reading Skills and LS 104 Academic Success Skills.

Fall Courses - 15 Credit Hours

First Year Writing Course

Math class based on Major

Literacy Analysis II

You'll work with your advisor to decide which courses are right for you and your education journey. A list of General Degree Requirements can be found in our University Catalog.

Estimated Pricing for Summer Bridge Program:

(Based on Summer 2022: Prices Listed Below may Vary)

Tuition $972 (6 credit hours for the price of 3 credit hours)
Housing $625
Meal Plan $689.70 (8 meals per week with $200 flex)
University Fees $200
Books $123.30
Gamecock Orientation Fee $80
Parking Decal / Vehicle Registration $50
Student ID Fee $10
Total Tuition and Fees $2,750

Want to Learn More?

You may email jsubridge@jsu.edu for more information.