Fall Bridge Program

Pictures of previous Fast Start Academy Students during the program. One is a small group picture taken with Miss Reagan. The other is a former student posing with Cocky, JSU's Mascot
Program Summary:
Students who are accepted into the Fall Bridge Program will be required to enroll in prescribed, credit bearing courses offered in a cohort model. This structured model has a devoted team who provide additional support and personalized assistance in the classroom through increased faculty access, teaching assistants, and designated tutors. Students will also participate in an intensive mentoring project led by the Student Success team and peer mentors. This project is designed to further increase the potential for academic and personal success. The Fall Bridge Program ensures that our students are provided the most effective tools, resources, and strategies to be successful throughout their college experience.

FAQ’s Related to our Bridge Program

All Fall Bridge Program attendees will be required to enroll in 12 credit hours in the fall 2021 semester. These preset courses include a math course (depending on your major),
EH 105 with EH 115 Enhanced English Composition I, LS 103 Reinforcing Reading Skills, LS 104 Academic Success Skills, and LS 101 Fast Start Lab. Our Fall Bridge courses are credit-bearing and successful completion will allow students to continue in the spring. During the spring 2022 semester, students will continue in a cohort model with required courses and continued learning support.

You may reach out to our Program Coordinator, Mary Reagan at 256-782-5783 or us at faststart@jsu.edu for additional information.

Want to learn more?

  • You may contact us by phone: 256-782-5570 for further questions.