Student Support

Counseling Services

At Counseling Services, we approach our role from a wellness perspective and are supportive of the university's missions to educate and develop the whole person. We are committed to providing workshops and outreach programming to the JSU community that will provide individuals with information to be used in a proactive manner for self-care.

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Disability Resources

The mission of Disability Resources is to facilitate appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services is committed to assisting students' success in their course of study, which generally leads to a Bachelor Degree. Tutoring Services provides support to JSU students through individual peer tutoring and study sessions.

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Safe Zone Project

The purpose of the JSU safe zone project is to provide advocacy, guidance, and compassion for students who are experiencing problems, difficulties or crisis due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, being the victim of crime, hazing, bullying or sexual assault, and/or are the recipient of discrimination due to their mental health status, disability, race, religion, ethnic or national origin.  Students can locate safe zone areas by locating a safe zone marker on the door of an advocate or through the safe zone membership section of this web site.

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